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Links to blog posts that were first posted here. 
in Gale Warnings:
Denial vs. Toxic Hope: 11-15-06

Triangulation: 11-15-06

Countersuggestibility: 11-17-06

Ricochet Transactions: I'm Talking to You, but The Message is for Him: 11-18-06

Double Binds in Group Interactions [under construction]

Alcoholism, Denial, Enabling, and Psychological Healing: [under construction]

Strange Kindness and the Nedlog Rule: 11-18-06

The Myth of Verbal Boundaries: [under construction]

Justice and Mercy: 11-18-06

Pursuer-Distancer Relationships: [under construction]

Luella Miller: Narcissism in a Velvet Gown: 10-20-07

Abuse and Memory: 11-26-06

The Baited Hook: 11-27-06

Support and Accountability: 11-30-06

Blood Ties that Blind: 12-7-06

My Nearest, Dearest... Saboteur 12-7-06

Denial and Group Homeostasis, at Home and at Work 12-23-06

Three Little Words (that mean so much) 1-27-07
The Paradox of False Goodwill: Disbelieving the Victim 2-7-07

The Paradox of False Goodwill: Intolerable Tolerance: 2-14-07

I Hurt: This Stinks (and what we do about it) 2-15-07

The Change-Back Reaction 2-16-07

Pattern Recognition, Awareness, and Escape From Abuse 2-17-07

Defensive Pessimism [under construction]

Watch What they Do, Not What They Say 2-19-07

The "Non-Abusive Presupposition" 2-20-07
[This post has been backlinked by a blog on professional mediation...]

The Karpman Drama Triangle 2-22-07

Addicted to Drama 3-10-07

The Nature of Conflict 3-29-07

Diminished Options 4-7-07

Hostile Dependency 3-29-07

Deceptive Self-Disclosures 4-28-07

Displacement 5-16-07

A Simple Truth 5-28-07

Exogenous vs. Endogenous Depression 6-7-07

I-Thou, I-You, I-It 6-9-07

The Sociopath Next Door 6-24-07

The Paradox of False Goodwill: Unfriendly Friends 7-5-07

Splitting 7-11-07

The Abusive Danse Macabre 7-28-07
in Strange Mercy:

[these links are not broken; multiple posts are on the same page]
Unilateral Forgiveness and "Cheap Grace" 5-12-07

Magical Thinking: The Gospel of Narcissism 5-19-07

This is Not Death 5-25-07

The Law of Love 5-25-07

True Love 5-25-07

A Random Act of Kindness 6-27-07

The Profound Decency of Temple Grandin 9-21-07

Additional recommended reading:

Thanks to all who inspired me to post and share.

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