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Another book
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Bad Boys, Bad Men: Confronting Antisocial Personality Disorder (Paperback)
by Donald W. Black (Author),

""In Bad Boys, Bad Men, Dr. Black approaches a disorder that afflicts more people and causes more suffering than schizophrenia but that has not received the intense scientific scrutiny that has disclosed the biological basis of many of the other major mental disorders. Drawing on a wealth of clinical material from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, he builds on and expands the groundbreaking work of Hervey Cleckley in The Mask of Sanity (2) and the classic epidemiologic study Deviant Children Grown Up by Lee Robins (3).

Dr. Black points out that antisocial personality disorder was found to be quite prevalent in the Epidemiologic Catchment Area study: 2%4% of men and 0.5%1% of women were diagnosed as antisocial. Only depression was more prevalent, but antisocial personality disorder is forever, whereas depression can remit. When the term "antisocial personality" was introduced in DSM-II in 1968, it was defined by a list of traits, including being selfish, callous, irresponsible, impulsive, and unable to feel guilt or to learn from experience and punishment. It is of interest that there is a word in Japanese, transliterated as boonachimono, which describes people who "lack piety, respect, honesty, trust, justice, courtesy, uprightness and shame resulting in their becoming ruthless outcasts."