Author Topic: Nothing helps maybe just alcohol and cigarettes  (Read 1171 times)


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Nothing helps maybe just alcohol and cigarettes
« on: January 19, 2023, 09:35:27 PM »
I wouldn't know about cigarettes.

I did try acupuncture from two different practitioners. It did absolutely nothing. One was even an instructor at a holistic school.

Talk therapy does nothing. I tried it.

Reading doesn't help. The articles are mostly promoting something or claiming that MORE research is being done. But there is always expensive research being done. Other than microwaves and internet what innovations have really happened in society.

I got Reiki it didn't work.

I got sound healing hippy shit and it didn't work.

I ate olive oil.

I meditated.

I drank more water.

I did affirmations.

I read Depak Chopra and it didn't work. I read other new age books and it didn't work.

I ate health food. I ate junk food. They don't work.

I took vitamins.

I took whey powder.

I went on a self-righteous purity diet of vegetarianism and it didn't work. Did that for eight years.

I went through phases of a lot of exercising and it didn't work.

I went to some group therapy thing and it didn't work.

I got fresh air. I just did busy stuff and ignored myself for a while.

Maybe if I catapult myself out of a cannon so I can fly with a flock of wild geese and migrate to neverland that will help.

Maybe it's just a lie. Maybe it's just a lie that there is even a problem. Maybe this is just it. This is all life is.

I wore a crystal necklance for good vibrations.

I took yoga classes.

I didn't just meditate, I tried five types of meditation.

I've tried a shit ton of stuff in the past. But here I am. Nothing has improved. 

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