Author Topic: Yoga ...for breathing, just being, & listening inside  (Read 4702 times)


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Yoga ...for breathing, just being, & listening inside
« on: November 18, 2003, 07:11:41 PM »
I discovered the word equanimity a few years ago and find that the state it describes, feeling calm amidst chaos, is so key to my gaining a sense of security.  And regaining it.   :lol: And regaining it and.....

I find Yoga is a great way to practice that feeling and have support doing so.  

Teachers vary greatly and I find I really like the kind and attentive ones.  There are teachers who really pay attention to each student and kindly assist the student in holding a position in such a way that works for that particular student.  I like that attention and I like feeling that I am in a setting where others are getting that care too.  I feel like it is some sort of metaphor for taking turns and for what a supportive family would feel like, i would feel like in a supportive family.

I also learned to focus inward more through yoga and not be quite so reactive to things and people around me.  Many teachers really encourage students to not make comparisons to others in class and to focus on their own breathing and what their unique flexibility, strength and body shape does (or doesn't).  I find the calmness and awareness help me throughout the day to respond rather than react - just the sort of subtle adjustment that in yoga I've learned brings major results.  

In yoga I learn to breath and to notice when I am not...I'd been holding my breath most of my life but didn't know anything else.  Didn't know what I was missing.  I hear my own voice and learn to just listen without judging.  Teachers incourage students to listen, to feel in an intimate and intricate way in the moment.

In yoga I learn to make sounds and not feel like I am taking up the airwaves but instead that I am just being with others who are just being and there are enough airwaves for everyone. I mean I know that is true intellectually yet in Yoga I feel it is true.   Yoga teachers encourage students to breath and to make a sound when breathing and sometimes they encourage a meditation "om" sound.


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Yoga ...for breathing, just being, & listening inside
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2003, 10:00:08 AM »
I find the thought of making a sound when breathing intriguing, and the idea of being free to make a sound together with others would be quite a challenge.  I never allow my breathing to be heard, if I can help it, and often hold my breath, especially when under stress.  Sometimes it is how I find out I am stressed; I realise I am following the pattern of holding my breath for a long time, then letting it go silently.  Even doing that while here on my own while addressing this issue.  Not an easy one.

Learned to do this years ago.  Children should be seen and not heard.  Took it a bit too literally, I think.

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Yoga ...for breathing, just being, & listening inside
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2003, 02:40:29 AM »
I remember reading about "rebirthing" and the breathing technique involved and "The Celebration of Breath." Our breath is our spirit -- it's the first to enter and the last to leave. We continue to respire and finally we expire and in between we inspire and conspire. When fretting over mistreatment by N's, we perspire  :oops:  I feel peaceful when I listen to my breathing.