Author Topic: Collision with the Infinite a book by Suzanne Segal  (Read 2804 times)


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Collision with the Infinite a book by Suzanne Segal
« on: July 29, 2006, 03:34:01 PM »
This book is about what happened to Suzanne Segal.

 When one loses the personal self and only knows the infinite and vastness of the universe .

Her experience is beyond anything I have read about .

I had noticed some thread on discussion of self and thought this woman's life experience was of interest.

You can google it under Suzanne Segal

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Re: Collision with the Infinite a book by Suzanne Segal
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That is fascinating, Moon. Thanks.
I don't get the bus-hit but I feel as though I have a glimmer about the vastness.
Contemplating the cosmos, sometimes I feel my "membrane" fall away, and I know in some odd way that "not-being" is okay, and no different from "being" because it all just is, and is beautiful.

That is the sum total extent of how my brain can comprehend this stuff. But the excerpts were very interesting. I spent a week in the company of the Dalai Lama once when he came to the university I was doing PR for. I was at that time verrrrrry skeptical about all things religious, but that man literallly shoved a wave of compassion ahead of him like a bulldozer. It was physically palpable, which shocked me. It wasn't an idea or a wish, it was a force. Quite stunning and more powerful than anything I'd ever been "hit" (ooo, maybe it was a lama-hit?) with before. (He was funny, too. Loved to laugh.)
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