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The Knight in Rusty Armor
« on: October 23, 2007, 03:00:19 PM »
I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to find themselves or battling codependency or low self esteem.  It is a short read and a simple little allegory, but it has really helped me.  I read it every so often when I need an easy nudge or help refocusing.  It is only 73 pages and it a delightful and funny, and yet a thought provoking read.

It is called " The Knight in Rusty Armor" by Robert Fisher.

(I will leave the description listed on the back of the book)

It is a lighthearted tale of a desperate Knight in search of his true self.  His journey reflects our own -- filled with hope and despair, belief and disillusionment, laughter and tears.

Anyone who has ever struggled with the meaning of life and love will discover profound wisdom and truth as this delightful fantasy unfolds.

The Knight in Rusty Armor  is an experience that will expand your mind, touch your heart, and nourish your soul.

Here's to all of us escaping our armor and embracing the unknown possibilities that lay beyond.......