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Leaving by Degrees
« on: January 22, 2008, 11:20:38 AM »

The Abusers Tactics Include:

'The Promises Stage'

I'll do anything you want if you'll come back home (or let me move back in).
They'll admit that they were wrong, they treated you badly and they will
never treat you badly again.
At this point they'll suddenly remember whatever it is you've been hoping or
asking for - for years and promise you that too.

But remember, Abusers are 'Master Manipulators' - That's how you got sucked
into a relationship with them to begin with. The Promises Stage is not about
It's about them getting back what they've lost which is CONTROL OVER YOU
and they'll say anything that they think will work to do it. They NEED to control
you. Keeping you squashed a little lower than them is what makes them feel
good about themselves. If they aren't able to get you back, your head will spin
at how quickly they can find another victim.

(The Dove Project is located in Texas)