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The following are excerpts from this website:

""Dennis Rader’s chilling, matter-of-fact retelling of the details of his murders makes me wonder what causes a person turn into a monster. He looks like a regular, middle-aged Schmoe; pudgy, balding, living a unremarkable life in an unremarkable Midwestern town…until you know what he did. I think about his wife and family – didn’t they realize something was not right about him? It makes my skin crawl to think that these monsters walk among us, and we don’t even recognize them for what they are.""

1) The United States produces more serial killers than any other country. Up to 85 percent of the world's serial killers are in the United States.

""I believe parents play a role in “nurturing” the budding serial killer, either by abusing their children physically and psychologically, which tells the child that violence is a first resort to any difficulties they may face in life; or by withholding love and affection (oddly enough, many serial killers’ first victim is Mom). I think that repressing children’s natural curiosity about sexuality is also harmful, as it teaches them that sex is shameful and bad. I believe Americans are unique in this respect. Conversely, inappropriate sexual behavior in front of a child can also warp his sense of sexuality. Reading the history of serial killers’ upbringing, while not excusing their aberrant behavior, is an exercise in jaw-dropping cruelty. ""

"I know it’s incredibly unpopular to speculate, but I believe uber-religiosity can play a role in pushing an already disturbed mind over the edge. After all, BTK was a devout Christian, maintained a “tight Christian control” over his family, and was a leader in his church for many years. What I can't believe is that his wife was as surprised as anyone about him being the BTK killer. My question is this: how in the world did this woman sleep with this monster for 30 years, and never have a freakin’ clue?"