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Certain Hope

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New Beginnings Daily
« on: December 28, 2008, 05:40:44 PM »
This is what is helping me  :)   

Simply acknowledging, each day, that I have been given yet another opportunity to place the past firmly behind me and make a fresh start... cushioned in and surrounded by the everlasting, merciful compassion, love and grace of the One who knows me best... and loves me anyhow.

Some days, some moments, I forget... and slip... and surely do get mucked up.

Used to think that feeling it to the limit and talking it into oblivion was the remedy... but it's not, and neither is continuous busy-ness.
Tried it all, and recently  I've worked until I couldn't stand anymore, because I'd reached my end...
and that's where God met me yet again - and He taught me how to stand while sitting quietly... and to sit quietly, while standing  : )
Pretty cool.
The Word says, "Stand. And having done all to stand, stand therefore!"
Yup, that's it...
An endurance so illuminated and aglitter in the Truth that it sparkles.
That's what I want.

A New Year full of lasting blessings to everyone here.