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Post traumatic stress disorder
« on: July 09, 2005, 06:56:42 AM »
As suggested by Stormy, I am posting this link here;

This is a good site to start to look at information about ptsd.  This is classified as an anxiety disorder, but it is also very closely connected with dissociative disorders. 

There are two main variants, as I understand it.  Acute ptsd follows a single event, whether manmade or natural.

Complex follows a series of such events, the earliest dating from childhood.  Very often the child survives to lead a normal adult life (whatever that may be  :? ) but a later event triggers the memories and behaviours from the past, and the person finds themselves going to pieces, either rapidly or slowly.

It is worth looking into for anyone with trouble sleeping, or with resilient depression or anxiety.

'First aid' for anyone who is traumatised by anything at all really is a cup of tea, a hug and a listening ear, for as long as they need it.  Not generally good to tell people to put such incidents out of their mind.  Pushing memories away has a tendency to create 'ghosts'.