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Voicelessness and Emotional Survival Message Board / Re: Coronavirus
« Last post by Twoapenny on Today at 04:07:16 AM »
I know, Hopsie, there are people grumbling here about who gets what and when, but it's just such a big operation.  They've vaccinated the first five priority groups here now, they're working through group six (there are ten priority groups and then it's the general population and they'll just work through that as and when, I think).  It is hard; people's situations are different and I think a lot of people just want to feel safer again now - maybe more so now there is a vaccine so whether they feel they're less likely to die or less likely to need time off work I guess a lot of people want to get on with it.

But - I've got my appointment through, it's tomorrow, at the local leisure centre so I can leave son here, jump on the bus, whizz in and jump on the bus to get back home as well.  He'll be alright here for an hour and in some ways it's easier for me to get mine first - I can explain to him exactly how it is, I'll know exactly where to go when it's his turn and if I do get any side effects I'll have a better idea of what he might experience so I think that's worked out well (although I will be turning cartwheels when he gets his, truth be told).  Phew.  Does actually feel like the end is in sight now.  I'll let you know how it goes! xx
I hope the doc can come up with something helpful, Hopsie.  I know with me that when I start to feel a bit better I overdo it and knock myself out again.  Son's situation is the same; we really have to avoid doing too much and it's very difficult when you feel good and want to get on.  Hopefully the doc can come up with a way to build up slowly and avoid the crashes in between the good bits.

The fear of collapsing is horrible; again, I have the same with son - if we're somewhere off the beaten track and he goes over I can't lift him and it does restrict things.  An unwanted but necessary issue to deal with.  The only thing I can think of (other than only ever walking with others, which isn't practical) is setting up with two or three friends that you text/email/phone one of them with where you're heading and what time you'll be back.  It's a pain but at least it means if something did happen, someone knows where you are and can come and find you (especially as we know from the time you fell that Pooch isn't likely to do a Lassie and go off and get help :) ).

I hope the doctor visit is hopeful.  It's very difficult to adjust to life being different and having to do things in a different way, in my experience, but hopefully the doctor will have some useful information and advice and you'll be able to put something together that works best for you xx
Voicelessness and Emotional Survival Message Board / Re: The island
« Last post by lighter on March 01, 2021, 01:10:04 PM »
With just 1 successful booking, during Covid, we finally have bookings in the pipeline again.

One of the confirmed bookings is a couple scouting properties to purchase.
::wiggling eyebrows::.

Wouldn't it be amazing if they booked the property they wanted to buy.

:: nodding::.

I remain hopeful and upbeat.


You sound as though you're grounded and calm with your decisions.

I wish the best possible outcome for you, Mouse.

Voicelessness and Emotional Survival Message Board / Re: The Lake House
« Last post by lighter on February 28, 2021, 10:47:51 PM »
The powwow with sibs was super productive.  I loved my brother's idea to use the old claw foot cast iron tub out of doors.  So creative and appeals to me a lot.

We all agreed to redo the smallest guest bathroom, bc the sub floor is damaged from leaks, the layout is odd, the plastic shower is way too small and the vanity needs replacing.

I have a local contractor lined up to remedy bad layout by moving toilet to shower area, then putting in big new tile shower with frameless glass door.  Sis and I have perfect vanity.....white with mirrors, so pretty and modern!  If we can't or shouldn't reuse mirror we have a spectacular mirrored medicine cabinet.  So beautiful, I want to stare and stare at it. Have to find tile. Will replace that bed and bathroom flooring with luxury vinyl, as well as living room carpet.  Have to find flooring.  Have to find shower faucet.

Putting in downstairs kitchen, 3rd bedroom and door at bottom of stairs is on the list, as well.

I'm excited.  We'll make important improvements to enhance renting or selling the property.  I want to list it AND put it on rental sites, in tandem.

I'm very pleased with communication between me and sibs.  That was the most important thing for me, even though I had a very strong sense of phase 1 projects.

Tiny houses are exciting idea.  I have the name of a company I'll share.  You guys can chime in; )


I forgot what I was doing, something, something, hmmm nope don't remember what it was, so here I am.

An investigation with a state agency is initiated related to my school junk. Not sure where that is going to go. I've also been contemplating getting a lawyer. It's not exactly a route I feel enthusiastic about and yet it feels like the right thing to do somehow.

Never would I have imagined ending up needing to do this. The road in life is an unpredictable one.
Well, I guess I'm not the only person that has a bunch things happen all once. (knock on wood - not lately!) You don't sound like it's threatening to overwhelm you, so that's good.

I'm so sorry to hear about your PapaC.

If it ever stops raining, I can manage a bonfire for ya here.
Voicelessness and Emotional Survival Message Board / Re: What's New for 2021?
« Last post by sKePTiKal on February 28, 2021, 01:26:53 PM »
Let me know if you need ideas Tupp - I've lived a lot of different places in my life, and have 30 years of experiences with growing to share, as needed. But I'd encourage you to follow the will o' wisp of your own curiosity/interests and do the reading/videos/television shows instead of listening to what I'm interested in. LOLOL. Make your own path, choose your own interests - discover if those are going to become passions or not.

There is such a broad and deep pool of opportunities and topics within the overall category, that no one person ever can hold all the skills & expertise within themselves.
Voicelessness and Emotional Survival Message Board / Re: Health Updates
« Last post by sKePTiKal on February 28, 2021, 01:13:08 PM »
Hops, there's a lot to be said for a structured, dedicated workout time & place. Especially when you're trying to remember where you left your motivation. Mine's around here somewhere... can't remember the last time I grabbed onto it.

I am still struggling with myself over how superficial exercise seems to me - when I could be working & accomplishing needed tasks at the same time. Nevermind - that a lot of my tasks are going to require some exercise in preparation to be ABLE to do those tasks... pfffffffttt.... we don't need no steenkin' preparation....

:most exercise of today = rolling my eyes that hard at myself:

Heck, I'm even finding I'm not accessing the usual competitive streak I have, now that Hol is beginning to lift weights again. I'm currently trying to bribe myself to do some simple, age-appropriatie, body weight core muscle work - using Buck as bait. But it's nice and warm under my blanket; I just had a large brunch... and it's raining so much I just want to stay warm and be a slug.
I'm so sorry about your loss of your Papa C, Lighter. So clearly he was a source of love and comfort in your and your daughters' lives. Glad it was swift but that's tough on survivors, but you also held nothing back. I'm sure he knew he was well loved.

I hope the floral cotton happiness returns soon, in its time. (I too loved that image.)

Your sense of humor's still with you...Uber for kneeice sounds like a good idea!

hugs and comfort,

PS I think your energy's just great. Creepy contractor would've shut me down too!
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